A 5 shelf bookcase is for storage

A 5 shelf bookcase is a moderately sized bookcase that you can have for your home to store your books and items. This is a bookcase that is well adequate to contain most storage needs of many average homes.

Frames of 5 shelf bookcase

Having an odd number of five, you will rightly guess that a single stack for the five shelves will be the most prevalent design. The height can be moderately above the chest region or higher depending on the width of the shelves. We have both wooden and metal designs dominating these designs. You can decide to have them open and sleek style in metals, or allow them to come in solid and sturdy pattern in the wood of oak and mahogany.

Ladder 5 shelf bookcase

There are various ranges of ladder designs that come in 5 shelf bookcase design. They are sleek and light designs with minimal size and weight. You can have ladders on two leg-stands to lean on the wall or four leg stands to stand independently on the floor. They are a design pattern every home would love to have- they add such attraction and style to your home.

Solid wood 5 shelf bookcase

This is a common style in homes. The narrow design variants in the wooden material are most common to add beauty to your home furnishing. The various designs are beautifully finished with quality chestnut, red and white finishes that will give the look to keep you room in tune with modern style and fashion.

Low 5 shelf bookcase

A low 5 shelf bookcase is a description that has its shelves split into horizontal columns to much expanse of floor space with a broad base on the floor of the room. This will be a suitable design if much space is available in your room. You can have a custom design that aligns with the corner of the room. You can have the shelves covered as well with glass doors to add more elegance and beauty.