A cherry dining table will bring the natural beauty of your dining room to life

Manufacturers of home furniture generally still hold wood in high esteem as the primary material of manufacture. It stands as the most reliable raw material for furniture making- for high quality and cool finishes. You’ll find the different hardwood property being explored and used in one type of design or the other for the properties they possess.

Cherry is one of the widely used hardwood types that you’ll find its product in the market for your home interior décor.

Properties of cherry

Cherry is a hardwood but moderately strong. It is light or dark brown and closely grained. It is resistant to warping and can be easily carved for furniture making. Its color is one criterion that gives a natural finish for home furniture such as is cherry dining table.

Cherry Pedestal dining table

Cherry is one wood type that comes out fine on pedestal dining table design. There are a lot of varieties that you’ll find with pedestal cherry dining table. As is common with the pedestals, the base is the area of attraction. And have in mind that most often if not all the times, pedestals are designed to have a round top.

Many of the contemporary cherry dining tables are either solid wood or a top cherry and a metal base support. Some of the solid wood make are sturdy and dark brown finish you’ll find cool for your dining room corner.

You’ll also find the contemporary designs that are purely brown at the top but darker downwards. There are many other different styles such as the antique designs which are equally visible.

Cherry drop leaf dining table

This is another area of application of cherry hardwood for furniture making. You‘ll find the drop leaf style in different shapes such as the rectangle, round and the cottage patterns. Some rectangular types have just a single leaf while others two leave on opposite sides. The cottage design is simply a compact design that can serve an additional storage purpose for items in some cases.