Beds for kids – kids’ bed with trundle

A Word about Kids’ Beds:

American furniture has introduced very elegant and up to date stuff for the children with a diverse range of style and functionality in each type of item. For example, you can find a lot of different types of kids’ beds, each one designed to serve a specific purpose. Kids’ single beds, kids’ twin beds, kids’ bunk beds, kids’ beds with trundle, kids’ loft beds and kids’ cabin beds are some of the most demanded modern models of beds manufactured for kids. A diverse range of styles and colorful themes can be found in all of these models and each of the types represents unique features and functionality, you can choose the one according to the situation you are caught in.

Modern Kids’ Beds:

Here are some of the trendiest types of beds available for the kids in the markets:

Bunk Beds for Kids:

A bunk bed consists of two same-sized beds, one atop the other, made for two kids to sleep. It’s a perfect bed for twins, also if you are short at space, a bunk bed will save you a lot of space too.

Kids’ Cabin Beds:

A cabin bed contains a top bunk bed and underneath it, a lot of cabins and drawers for the kid to store their stuff in them, like, clothes, books, etc. It covers the need of drawer chests and cupboards in the room. A cabin bed serves the dual purpose as a bed as well as a storage-furniture.

Kids’ Bed with Trundle:

A trundle bed comes along with different types of beds, for example, bunk beds with trundle, single beds with trundle, etc. Trundle is basically a hidden bed, which can be dragged out when needed and then push it back when not in use. A kids’ bed with trundle is perfect for sleepovers.

Kids’ Loft beds:

A loft bed contains a top bunk bed, but the space underneath the bed is empty, also, frame of the bed consists of bookshelves, cabins and drawers. The empty space can be used according to the taste and needs of your kid, such as, you can set here a workstation or study for them.


Safety first – whatever the type you choose for your kid, make sure it is sure for them. Consider their choices too, choose a style or theme which they would prefer.