The short long bookcase for elegance and functionality in your home

Short Long Bookcase short long with doors attractive

The name of this furniture could confuse many as it’s called the short long bookcase. The name stems from the fact that the bookcase is short in length, but long in width. The bookcase is very interesting really in terms of its design. There are many variations of this bookcase, so it’s up to you to decide which one will ...

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tall bookcase with glass doors and drawers

Tall Bookcase With Drawers amazing gorgeous tall white

Bookcases come in various sizes. They range from the low to medium and then the tall or very tall ones. Here, height is the determining factor. The tall bookcase, for their size, can be used for large storage of books and display of items. These designs are built to maximize the open space in the air and it is suitable ...

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wide bookcase with doors and drawers design

Introduction Studying is an activity which is recommended for all humans to partake in. There are many gains gotten from studying and one of it is knowledge. In this world of ours, people with knowledge are treated with respect and high handedness. And the secret to their knowledge most times is studying. These people study a lot and make sure ...

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bookcase strips shelving systems design

Bookcase Shelving bookcase shelving image of: solid wood

A bookcase is a horizontal shelves used to store books. They are used for private purpose or public purpose. They are fitted with doors to avoid pollution from the air and also for security. Bookcase can be designed depending on the space. Modern bookcase shelving Modern bookcase shelving comprises of shelving unit, storage boxes and even study desk. They provide ...

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24 inch wide bookcase with doors

The bookcases are a great option for anyone that wants some extra storage space, but also wants some organisation in their houses. There are many options out there for those that want bookcases. The bookcase you choose to use would mostly depend on your needs and the space you have available for the bookcase. One of the bookcase that you ...

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