Comforters come in different colors, patterns, materials

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Perfect marriage

After a long and exhausting day at work, the one and only thing you are looking for is resting in your safe bed. Very often, we find ourselves striving for improving the comfort of our bedding. To enhance the comfort of your bed, the best option one has, is to invest into twin down comforter. Right size and comfort, combined with appealing appearance, is a harmonious marriage between you and your comforter.

Size variation

Comforters come in different colors, patterns, materials and also different sizes. In general, comforter sizes correspond with bed sizes. Known bed sizes, from smallest to biggest, are a twin, full, queen, king and cal-king size. When speaking of twin down comforter, it is necessary to mention the dimension of the comforter itself. It is 64’’ (163 cm) width and 87’’ (221 cm) length. The size of a comforter is always bigger than actual mattress size, in order to create the signature draping effect. Twin down comforters are extremely versatile. You can use it in a twin bed in your kid’s room or use it even in queen sized bed if you prefer not sharing the comforter with your partner. It is wise to have one extra twin size comforter in your household, just in case, an unannounced guest appears at your front doors.

The word comforter comes from the word comfort. The crucial part that gives this very word its meaning is the precise construction. Comforters are made of filling and covering. Down comforters are filled with down feathers, from geese or ducks. Down is unbelievably light, soft, warm and fluffy material that hugs your body as you lay on the bed. Authentic down filling is airy and breathable and doesn’t lay flat and solid as many feathers do. Gentle fluffy filaments give a volume and cloud-like feeling to your bedding. You may notice that prices in twin down comforters vary. The prices differ based on comforter’s fill power. Fill power is a measuring scale of down’s space occupation per cubic inch. This measuring system relies on the quality of the filling. The average down comforter has around 500 cubic inches. In conclusion, the higher the rating, the softer and more comfortable your comforter gets. Another rating is also fill weight, which provides information of weighted down, included in your comforter. As a cherry on top, you can perfect your twin down comforter by pairing it with matching down made pillows.