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Dining Furniture:

There are wide diverse ranges of products in American furniture regarding dining room furnishings. Dining tables and chairs are especially manufactured furniture products to furnish dining rooms and kitchenette furnished rooms. There are two different ways by which you can purchase dining furniture.

First, you can go to a furniture showroom and buy a dining furniture set from the readymade collection – it’s that simple. Though, there is a wide range of readymade collection of dining furniture in the market, but if you can’t find the one you are looking for, you can discretely buy a dining table and chairs.

The main topic of this article is to discuss high top dining room tables. Here are some of the types of high top dining tables:

High Top Dining Room Tables:

High top dining room tables are higher in height than commonly used tables. There are usually two types of high top dining tables – bar height dining tables and counter height dining tables.

Bar Height Dining Tables:

Bar height dining tables, as clear by the name, are almost of the height of a bar table. A bar table is usually forty inches high. Bar height dining tables are mostly round or rectangle. As bar height dining tables are higher than common tables, the dining chairs to use for them are also higher than casual chairs, called bar-height chairs. Bar height chairs don’t have arms or back, and are manufactured with wood. Due to the height of the chairs, a person with average height can’t touch their feet on ground, so bar height chairs contain a foot-support.

Counter height Dining Tables:

Counter height dining tables are higher than casual tables but lower than bar height dining tables. A counter table is usually thirty-six inches high, so counter height dining tables also possess the same height. Counter height dining chairs are especially manufactured for counter height dining tables. Counter height dining chairs are manufactured with wood and normally don’t have arms but consist of back for support.


Dining tables are usually manufactured with different materials, such as, metals, wood and marble. Wooden manufactures are further sub-categorized as softwood products and hardwood products.

Marble manufactured tables consist of a metal or wooden frame and have a marble made shelf or counter.