Diversity in solid wood round dining tables

A large number of wooden tables have same designs. A person should therefore not worry much about choosing a given design. There are some variations from one design to another. This has made it possible for an individual to have a wide range of choices from which they can choose a table. A person may decide to choose a solid wood round dining table which comes with different decorations and differentiating aspects especially in the number of legs supporting the table.

Single legged-table

This solid wood round dining table has been supported by one leg. This support is installed at the middle of the table. It is the work of a carpenter to make sure that this one stand supports the table adequately. During construction, one leg is installed below the top but something has to be done where this leg touches the ground to enhance stability.

In most cases the surface area of the lower part of the table which touches on the floor is increased. An increase in this surface area lowers the table’s center of gravity thus making it stable.

Three-legged table

The second design has three legs. This table was made with three legs which support the top from different areas. When a person buys such a table they are assured of its stability. These tables are more stable because the three legs are evenly spread apart all over the circular top.

This can be a good design for use both inside a room and outside where land terrain is a challenge. It is not advisable to use such tables on rugged land for a long time because this could reduce its lifespan.

Four-legged table

This was the first design of a solid wood round dining table. When carpenters started making round tables, they had just copied it from the normal rectangular table. The only thing they started by changing was the shape of the top of this table.

Even though there are various designs basing on the number of legs a given table has but it is vital for one to choose the most appropriate table. The appropriateness of a design will depend on its use and the place of its use.