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There are plenty of affordable living room sets available that can add a new look to your living room and make it comfortable. Some of them are built with wood frames that can last a few years while others have steel frames. So choose the best one that can last a few years at very affordable rates and enhance your living room.

A Park Boulevard Sofa Set for the Living Room

With this set you can add style to your living room. It consists of 7 pieces which are upholstered in blue. The biggest sofa can accommodate 4 people while the others can accommodate two or three depending on the built of the person.  There is also a center table to match

The wood base has ash brown finish with detailing that is tufted and the whole sofa is padded with comfort foam upholstered with 100% polyester which is very comfortable for sitting. There are cushions and accent pillows to make the sofa comfortable if you want to relax. This sofa is easy to clean with water based detergents or foam.

Give a new look to your living room with leather upholstered sofa

This sofa has a steel frame and consists of three piece leather upholstered sofa which cost $1843 and which can be paid in instalments. The sofa is cool and contemporary in design and is well padded in comfort foam with matching chairs. The color of the upholstery is rust and it is decorated with tufting on the back and arms

It has legs which are beautifully tapered and track arms providing all the comfort for sitting.

Get Living Room Furniture that is versatile and stylish

You can give timeless elegance to your living room with affordable living room sets. Sofas that are easy on maintenance make life a little easy in this busy world. When you try to manage a household and an office it is difficult to spend too much time on cleaning when   there is not much time at your disposable.

So if you want to have affordable living room sets check on the ones mentioned above and online and get the ones you like best.