Get glass dining room table to enhance the dining room

There is a wide range of dining tables available for people who like to buy dining tables and give a new look to the dining room. Each one  has to  check on the setting, décor and convenience and buy  a dining table best suited to his or  her needs. A crystal dining table can enhance any dining room. It is more a show piece that requires a lot of time for cleaning.

Crystal Glass Dining Room table for a new look

A crystal glass dining room table is ideal piece for a small family. It has a solid glass top and with an acrylic base. The top is made of beveled glass the edges of which are scalloped for effect. With chandelier suspended above for lighting it provides a myriad appearance. It is easy on maintenance, and needs warm water and liquid soap for cleaning and a soft woolen cloth to wipe dry.

The chairs also have a glass top and acrylic base. The back is straight and the seat is well padded with comfort foam and upholstered in red velvet to provide a rich look to the setting.

Why not chose a walnut table with matching chairs for a new dining room setting?

A walnut table can be oval, rectangular or round to match your dining room requirements. Beautiful hand crafted dining tables are available that can beautify any dining room. A walnut table can have a glass top or a wood top with a cover for wood protection. The chairs should be built of walnut frame with a well-padded seat and back upholstered in cream polyester. The table and chairs can have chocolate brown finish.

A Glass Dining Room Table which is easy on Maintenance

People who are busy and have a home and office to manage will always choose a table that is easy to maintain. There are beautiful teak tables which are handcrafted but which are easy to maintain. The table top is rectangular with a rich wood grain which is covered by a glass. The table has two thick legs which are well crafted.

If you like to have glass dining room table you can check the different designs and get one that meets with your requirements.