How to decide size of your round dining table with chairs?

In markets you will find various shapes and sizes of dining table. In such case it is not very difficult to decide which shape and size will be suitable for you once you are aware of some of the most important factors.

Round Dining Table

When it is about deciding the shape of the dining table, it is better to choose Round in shape. It is due to the fact that round shape facilitates largest surface area as compared to other polygonal shapes. The chairs can be arranged around the table with sufficient elbow space. Round Dining Table with Chairs will be appropriate for you and your guests.

Number of Seats

In order to decide the size of your Round Dining Table with Chairs, it is necessary to decide how many individuals need to be accommodated. Basically, 36 inch and 72 inch sizes are commonly used. 36 inch size can be used for 4 seating dining table while 72 inch size can be used for 8 seating dining table. For each chair the size will be around 22 inch and an additional 3 inch for elbow space. Few more seats can be squeezed around the table until it feels over-crowded. For an average American family the number of member in each family are about 4, for such nuclear family 36 inch Round Dining Table with Chairs will sufficient.

Available Space

The selection of size of the table depends majorly on the dimensions of dining table. The height of the table will be around 30 inch and that for chair will be around 17 inch. It is necessary that the chairs around the table must have sufficient space. The chairs should be kept aside from walls with appropriate distance. For small sized dining rooms, smaller sized table with round in shape is much favourable. The size of the table can be increased further based on the available space.

Thus, for selection of size of the table the major factors to be considered are the available space for the furniture and the number of peoples to be seated in each seating.