How to select marble dining room table??

A recent survey (American Time Use Survey) says that we spend more than an hour dining each day. During this we share important meal with our family, thus the selection of Marble Dining Room Table can’t be taken so lightly. Before we select, it becomes crucial to identify the available options.


Based on its surface nature, geometry, number of legs, height, colour and presence or absence of drawers, Marble Dining Room Tables are of various types. The principal for selection of dining table is to provide better comfort and easy dish manoeuvring facility along with a luxurious look. Everyone has their own comfort zone but there are few things that need to be considered while selecting one of them.

What to Consider?

Firstly, the surface nature of the table is supposed to have smooth and glossy surface as it is easy to clean and doesn’t retain any stain. Marble being one of the hardest rocks can resist scratch to it. On MOH scale for measuring hardness, hard plastic and exterior sediments measures 2.0 & 3.0 which can be easily resisted by Marble (MOH scale above 3.0) and prevents from scratch.

Secondly, the geometry also plays a key role in providing comfort and luxury. For a family with few with less spacious dining rooms, circular shapes are more preferable as circle provides largest area than any other shapes for the same perimeter. However in order to accommodate few more individuals modifications can be done to elongated double-D shape. Larger area helps in better dish manoeuvring while larger perimeter can cater to more members.

Lastly, it is also necessary to consider the number and position of legs. It is better to avoid drawers in Marble Dining Room Table as it will cause unnecessary increment in height of the table. Avoid excessive thickness of top surface to keep it light and economical.


  • Hard and Smooth Surface (Stain and Dust Proof)
  • Resist Scratches from hard plastic and exterior sediments
  • Luxurious, durable and everlasting appeal
  • Engineered Marble stones can resist bacteria and pathogens
  • Marbles are available in endless colours and patterns