Ideas for small living room design

Small Living Room Design tour: a nyc coupleu0027s

It can be difficult to design a small living room especially when you have not worked before with a small space. If you think well about what you need to do beforehand it can be easy to design the small space. To make your small living room look complete and polished there are many key factors to consider.

Adding rugs

One best idea for small living room design is to use rugs to decorate the room, particularly those rooms that are small in size. The rugs create a layered look to the room and add colour and energy to the room without the need of painting. This is also a simple way to make your room look fresh and lively.

Proper planning of space

One big mistake we often make in a small living room design is the poor planning of space. We often tend to place every piece of furniture against the wall in our room. This is not the right thing to do as it would create a clumsy and closed feel which makes the room look even smaller. The best way to place your couch is to pull it off a few inches away from the wall and place a console table behind the couch. You can also use some vases or lamps on the console table to create a complete look instantly in the room.

Drapes and curtains

Drapes and curtains in your living room is another great element that can make your room look complete. Window treatments are the best way to help complete the design of any room and they also add layer and texture to the room similar to the rugs which is an important aspect for a small living room design. Opt for bright and bold colours for your living room and for curtains choose neutral colours that can give your room a toned look.


Another important element to a small living room design is to add the best and thoughtful accessories that complement the total look of the room. Choose those pieces that you really like as per your taste and also those that come within your budget.