Kids furniture – kids study table and chair

The topic of discussion in this article is table and chairs made for kids. There are a lot of different type of table and chair sets which all serve different purposes, such as, kids study table and chair, kids’ play tables, kids folding tables and chairs, etc.

Here are some well-known types of the table-chair sets for the kids:

Kids Study Table and Chair:

Kids study table and chairs are manufactured usually with wood, but also hybrid sets are available in the stores – with a metal frame and wooden wedges. Study tables come with drawers and cabins to store stuff like, books, note-books, stationary, etc.


  • Choose a study desk for your kid with relatively a larger area, so that your kid may work and study easily on the desk.
  • A study chair must be easy and comfortable so that your kid may study consistently with no trouble at all.
  • Make sure before you make the purchase that the height of the table is compatible with the kid and he/she will be comfortable to use it.

Kids’ Play Table:

Play tables are designed for the pre-school aged kids, manufactured with plastic or painted wood. Smalls-sized colorful tables and chairs are made for the small children for the playing and can be used for building blocks, coloring, learning, tea parties, and other similar activities.


  • Before purchasing the table, take all the safety measurements into account – make sure table has no sharp edges that may harm the kids, all the chairs and the table are firm, stable and durable enough to long last.
  • Choose a set made from any material, wood or plastic, but make sure it is washable.

Kids’ Folding Tables and Chairs:

Kids’ folding tables and chairs are type of portable kids’ furniture. A foldable set of table and chairs is a space-saver. You don’t have to set it in the room for all the time. When your kids’ need to use, they may just unfold and use it, and when not in use, just fold and put it back.