Popular styles of contemporary living room

Even though there are plenty of contemporary living room styles available today the best and simple way to achieve the contemporary and elegant look is using the colour scheme in your living room. To create a room you can find varieties of furniture pieces and accents but you may begin the task by looking at a colour chart. The following are some colour schemes that help you in your search for the contemporary living room design which includes what types of furniture and accents will suit them well.

Jazzy Colour Combinations

Though the colour combinations like yellow and purple may sound to be too bold for the contemporary design of a living room, these actually do work well together. The real game is to add subtlety to the room with a splash of colours or you can also bring in the contemporary feel by breaking up the block colours.

Light colours with contrasting bold features

Natural colours like pearl, ivory, white and cream are absolutely fantastic choices to set as base colours for your contemporary living room. With this neutral background in the room you can easily enhance the atmosphere in your room with a splash of colour like a black rug or scarlet coloured lamp. By doing this you add more texture to the room and eliminate the clean and washed out look that the neutral colours have by nature and make them stand out with the addition of bold features. This is a sure way to make your contemporary living room look unique and perfect.

Moody and dark atmospheres

Using colours like red and black is one popular method to bring about the contemporary look and feel in any living room. This is an excellent colour combination that provides your room a mysterious and dark feel and you can transform it into a romantic set up with the addition of roaring open fire in the room. To make these colours work perfectly well you can match them with comfortable furniture with sleek lines. You can also easily find the furniture that goes well with these two colours.