The stylish modern bookcase is a lovely design that will add style to your home

Bookcases in the antique period are designed basically of wood material and often with doors to close up book shelves. This may be attributed to the print quality and storage pattern then.  Today’s modern bookcase has seen a lot of modification and style to give both the functionality and quality coupled with style and beauty. They no longer serve not only for books storage but you can store other items like photo album, souvenirs and even place decorative items in or on them

No doubt, modern designs have a wide range of different styles and pattern you can select from.

Modern bookcase design material

Wood still remains the leading material of choice by manufacturers. The designs are beautifully crafted with top notch finishes of chestnut, white and natural tones. Oakwood is the predominant wooden type used because of its additional quality of high resistance to insect and fungus attack. Some of these modern bookcase designs come with glass doors for private storage.

Metals have come upstream in bookcases of recent. Light malleable metals such as wrought iron, steel and alloys can give you a sleek design with finishes of ash and other cool colors.

Modern bookcases used by many people with a pool of collection to choose from. In fact, you have tens of variety to choose from in the modern designs.

Modern Bookcase with slide door

This is a bookcase with doors that slides open and close. They are often wooden and metal designs. The sleek designs in the metal material give it the modern touch and are well preferred above wooden models.

Modern Bookcase with ladder

This is an ingenious design that looks more of a ladder but with trays as the steps in the ladder. Though a simple and minimalistic design, they are quite beautiful and suitable for your living room.

Modern bookcase of built-in style

This is purely modern. The bookcase is built-in as part of the modern house just like you’ll have in wardrobes. They are styled to taste and unique in outlook.