dining table set designs with price 2019


Dining table and chairs are the charm of a dining room. It is the place where everybody gathers to have delicious food together. It is a great place to spend family time where you interact with them. These days everybody else is so busy in their lives that are filled with latest technologies that nobody has time for their families. Dining table being a simple furniture does this magic. Over the taste of breakfast, lunch or dinner; it brings together family member. Also, dining table set is a perfect place for guests. Guests spend a lot of time on dining table and dining table set leaves no stone unturned in setting up the perfect aura for them. Dining table comes in a lot of shapes, sizes and designs and there is just no barriers to the amount of creativity and decorations that you can get for your dining table.


When you stumble on the decision to select the ideal dining table set for your dining room, you must consider the décor and theme of your room. There are a lot of themes to choose from such as country, rustic, modern, classic, contemporary or urban. You need to select the dining table that complements that theme and not look out of place. The basic idea of theme will determine a lot of things about the dining table set. It will decide the material of the table whether you go for wood, metal or glass with wood. It will determine whether chairs would be cushioned for not. It will determine whether there will be armrests on the chairs or not. In fact the wood type used and the texture on it also states boldly the décor of your room.


Shape and size is an important factor to look at for your dining table set. Size should not be too large or too small in comparison to the size of your dining room. The room shouldn’t feel empty nor congested. Shape is also necessary to show a formal or informal nature of the area. Square and oval shaped are formal while circular is more of informal.