Use kids round table and chairs to throw a fun party for children

Wooden Kids Table And Chairs ehemco kids

Throw a fun party for children using kid’s round table and chairs for your kid’s birthday. Sit with your child and teach her to make masks and caps that can be used by the kids on her birthday while they play. You can also prepare some buntings along with your child that you can hang around the room.

Preparing the venue for the party

The party can be had in the living room for your child and her friends. On the previous day you can ask your kid to hand out the decorations to be fixed on the wall of the living room and decorate the place with the buntings and keep it ready.

On the day of the party all the friends can be asked to come dressed like some cartoon figures like Bob the builder, Scooby Doo and so on. All the children can be made to sit in kid’s round table and chairs and go in the center of the room and enact the part they were representing.

Play helps to develop your kid’s imagination

Arrange the kids  in kid’s round table and chairs and tell them to enact a fairy tale which is commonly known to all of them.  Give each of them a part in the fairy tale and according to their turn let them go and recite their part. If they do it well cheer them.

See how excited they feel when they recite their part well. This will develop their imagination and help them to partake in such activities in their school.

Teach the children to dispose their plates and glasses

Serve a plate of snacks to each child and a glass of orange juice and keep a plastic been in one corner of the room and tell the children to finish their snacks and juice and wipe their mouth and hands to the tissue and place it in the bin along with the plate and glass.

This will be a good opportunity for the kids to throw their waste in bins and not around, littering the place