What is living room? — a room for socializing and relaxing


In a society, people live amongst themselves. There are 3 basic things a man needs to be able to live in a society. They are food, clothing and shelter. In terms of shelter, a man needs a roof above his head. This would serve as an abode for him, as he could be able to rest, sleep and do such other things he wants to do. The abode would also help shield him from different weather conditions like rain, snow, wind etc. there are different kinds of abodes. A particular one is the home.


A home is an abode which is used a residence for a person, household, family or various families. A home is most times a building, an apartment or a house. It could also be a yurt, houseboat, a mobile home or any shelter that is portable. A home provides facilities for sleeping, eating, relaxing, proper hygiene and having a family. In a home, there often times more than one rooms, especially in a home where a family lives in. There exist different rooms in a home such as the bedroom, dining room, guest room etc. Another room that is quite important in a home is the living room.


The living room which is also known as the sitting room, lounge or lounge room is a room in an apartment or a home for socializing and relaxing. They are often times called a front room especially when the room is near or close to the main entrance which is located at the front of the home. The living room in big formal houses is most times a small private room which is adjacent to the bedroom. Examples of this are the Lincoln Sitting Room located in The White House and the Queen’s Sitting Room.

In houses where there are no drawing rooms or parlors, living rooms might serve as reception rooms. A normal western living room might have furnishings like chairs, sofas, coffee tables, tables, electric lamps, bookshelves, rugs, television etc.  In the New Zealand and the United Kingdom, sitting rooms most times have a fireplace as it helps heating the sitting room.