You can add natural beauty to your furniture with solid wood bookcases

Wood Bookcase With Glass Doors all you needed

Bookcases have their history in wooden designs in their early manufactures. Natural hardwood such as mahogany, oak and some soft variants like pine are all employed in the design of this home storage furniture for books.

Ever since solid wood bookcases have continually been a dominant force in the manufacture of this interior décor, different styles and designs are yearly released to meet the yearnings of the people.  Having a bookcase of all-wood is not only natural but also beautiful. The different wood qualities have made the way for these designs.

Mahogany as solid wood bookcase design

Mahogany is one of the hardwoods for solid wood bookcases.

Mahogany is used for solid wood bookcase design for its high quality of hardness and durability. It is fine grained and resistant to swelling and shrinking. Its chestnut natural finish makes it one of designers’ choices in bookcase manufacture.

Oak as a solid wood bookcase design

This is arguably the best of the hardwood family for bookcase manufacture. Oak is fine-grained, durable, resistant to shrinking and swelling, and most importantly, it has high resistance to insects and fungus attacks. Oak is more dominant in solid wood bookcases for this unique qualities. The various design selection you’ll probably see in the market would most likely be oak if it’s wood.

Styles of solid wood bookcase designs

There are a whole lot of selections to make from the solid wood bookcase family. Many of these styles come in beautiful finishes of chestnut, white and a natural brownish tone. Here is a few collections of contemporary designs made from solid wood:

  • Ladder bookcase
  • Various designs of the Sauder bookcases
  • Kids bookcases
  • Leaning bookcases
  • Tall bookcases
  • The 3 or more shelf bookcases

Benefits of buying solid wood bookcase

Wooden designs are often natural and last long. Another benefit they bring with them can be seen in their easy maintenance- they can be cleaned with just damp clothes or be re-sprayed to keep the original luster. Wooden furniture like bookcases always come with this natural aura of beauty around our homes.