A 3 shelf bookcase fit in well to your room size for storage

Three shelf bookcases can be categorized among the low bookcases. They can be small size bookcases of desk size or be much longer in length but still maintaining the 3 shelf bookcase pattern. They are often small bookcases that both parents and kids can find useful for keeping books, magazines, and other materials. You can have them in different design materials of wood, metals, and alloys of metals. They can fit into a corner as a compact home décor if designed with the narrow style.

Wooden 3 shelf bookcase

We can find this almost everywhere in the market. The quality of oak is used in many of these design patterns. They have finishes of black, natural, chestnut and white that will give more touch of beauty to give your home that elegant look. Small 3 shelf bookcases are also seen to be common with children; they use this for all sorts of materials such as homework book, crayon sets, and pens.

Metals 3 shelf bookcase

Metal bookcase designs are definitely modern and have this crystal appeal. A 3 shelf bookcase that is made out of metal is always sleek and simple. In addition to the general wooden designs that are sturdy, they are can be very light and have extra patterns that are distinct. You can have your three shelf bookcase in different styles of a ladder, ‘A’ shaped size, leaning pattern and many others.

3 shelf bookcase with glass doors

A Glass door on the bookcase is another design that is serving users in many ways. If you have things to keep away from harsh dusty conditions and moist, you can well do with this design. You will find this design in many patterns of bookcases either metals or wooden frame. The glass door can cover the whole area of the bookcase or a selected portion of it- either top or bottom as the case may be for your need. The transparency of glass to display content is an attraction that adds to the patronage of this design pattern.