A formal dining table set can host your large family and occasions

Just as we can use the dining room at home casually for family meals, so can we host friends and guests for events and occasions in a formal setting.

Dining table settings for occasions differs from the common use because of the need accommodate a large number of people. This is a type of formal arrangement and there will be a need for a formal dining table to accommodate the guests.  To host such events like cocktail and other parties, you’ll need a dining set of higher number which will make all comfortable at the end.

Description of dining table sets

A dining table set is made up of the dining table and the chairs to make a complete set. For instance, a large dining table set such as a 12- piece dining set is made of a table and eleven chairs to make the complete piece. You can find different numbers of sets such as 5-piece, 3-piece and much more. A 7 piece upwards is probably considered to be in the range of being formal.

Extendable dining tables

Expandable dining tables are the categories of tables that can be explored as a formal dining table to host your guests. You can have a dining set of seven that can be converted to a 14- piece formal dining table that may probably be enough for your expected guests. The rectangular designs are more expansive designs that will best suit many occasions you may be intending to have. Wooden designs are the likely finish that is readily available in the market as expandable.

Antique dining table

The original and earlier dining table sets are formal antique designs used by the castles and the nobles at the time. They have beautifully crafted designs that are still maintained today but with a form of modification to blend with the modern times.

You will find these antique designs today in carving looks with chairs of like carving to complement the finishes. Some of these antique designs can be seen in conference rooms and dinner parties.