tall bookcase with glass doors and drawers

Bookcases come in various sizes. They range from the low to medium and then the tall or very tall ones. Here, height is the determining factor. The tall bookcase, for their size, can be used for large storage of books and display of items. These designs are built to maximize the open space in the air and it is suitable for your room if you have minimal floor space or if you want to conserve space for other uses.

The characteristics of a tall bookcase

From its name, they are bookcases of great heights. Some are as tall to almost reach the ceiling and in this case, the use of a ladder is an added accessory in this design to reach the top. Many of the tall bookcase brands, though not all, usually have narrow and sleek designs. It is also observed in all tall bookcases to have five or more shelves for storage. Oakwood is employed in many designs; metals are also found to come up with very cool and sleek finishes that add a modern touch to your room.

The benefits of a tall bookcase for your storage needs

The advantage of height gives restriction to your kids. If you have growing kids who can almost tamper with anything, then a tall bookcase will help solve some problems of keeping some things out of their reach. The tall bookcase, apart from conserving space in your room, can accommodate large storage of items. You can create sections for various items for the whole family if need be.

You can keep books and things you don’t frequently use at the top section while other things will readily go for the middle or the bottom shelves.


The visible disadvantage one can envisage with this bookcase is the difficulty accessing the top shelves. This can be sometimes frustrating as you would literarily require a ladder if you don’t have anyone accompanying the design. Definitely, this is not a design for your kids- though the bottom can be shared with them for their storage needs.