Design kids room to give it a new look

A kid’s room needs to be fun besides being functional. Whether it is for a teen or a toddler the room has to be attractive and inviting as most of our time is spent in the room when your kid is at home. The room should be painted in light shades which add brightness instead of dark colors which can make the room gloomy.

Give the room an attractive look

Design kids room with the bed in the center facing the window so that the bright vista outside brightens the room. The bed should have a headboard that matches the night stand and the dresser. The linen used should be white and the duvet should be orange to   brighten the setting of the room.

The nightstand should hold a beautiful lamp that can provide light for reading. The walls behind the headboard can be decorated with one or two landscape painting. On the wall on the side you can hang a beautiful picture of the family. The dresser can have a big mirror above it.

Provide the room a spacious look

When you have a bed with storage space then you can accommodate the bed linen and clothes in the storage space and give the room a spacious look. The bed should be placed sideways against the wall with windows opposite. The windows should have white drapes which can be pulled when the sun falls on the window.

The wall on the side of the bed should be painted silver blue.  Two landscapes matching the color can be be hung on the wall above the bed. The linen should be white with blue duvet to match the wall. The bed, night stand and dresser can be with cherry wood finish.

Design kids room for elegance and style

If  your kids room has a high ceiling then have a bunk bed facing the window with a matching  desk below it  where the child can study  or play with his puzzles or assembling  games. With one side of the bunk bed having storage space your child will have enough space to house his toys and clothes.

If you want to design your kid’s room then check for the different designs online and do it yourself or get the designers.