Designer kids furniture to enhance your kid’s room

There is a wide variety of designer kids furniture that can give a new look to your kid’s room. One celebrity client went to a designer to designs her son’s room that grew with her son. The designer designed the room with everything and placed a crib where a bed was to   be accommodated when the child grew up. There is all types of designer furniture like stools, chairs, beanbags, storage, pouffes and beds.

 Get a designer table that can be opened and shut for your kid’s room

This is an antique piece but if a designer can make it for your child’s room then you can order it. It is a beautiful desk that can be pushed open with a handle and when you have finished your work at the desk you can close it by pulling it down with the handle.

If you have a high ceiling than you can have a designer loft bed for your child. On one side is the ladder to climb to the loft bunk bed on the other side is a full length wardrobe to store the child’s clothes. Below the bunk bed is a matching desk for the child to study.

A designer bed that can enhance your kid’s bedroom

You can have a pink wall paper on the wall behind the headboard of the bed and the walls on the other side can be painted white. The bed can be white with white bed linen and a pink duvet. The table in the room has a white top with a pink base. The nightstand is painted white on top, with pink base and drawers.

The top drawer has a felt lining and can be used to place accessories. The family photo can be on the wall above the bed.

The benefits of kids designer furniture

With designer furniture in the house you can be a trend setter among your colleagues and friends. It is also one of a kind and not commonly found everywhere. Designer furniture is made of quality wood and last a long time.

If you are thinking of getting designer kids furniture check in the furniture stores or antique stores and choose the ones that are best.