Dining furniture – large wooden dining table

Furniture nowadays has been highly diversified with variety of unique wide ranges for each type of furniture. Either you need to find stuff for your bedroom or living room to furnish house, or you are looking for office furniture, you will find endless options in both of the areas.

The main topic of discussion in this article is to discuss dining furniture and elaborate some of the common types of dining tables and chairs.

Large Wooden Dining Table:

Large wooden dining tables are very common in American furniture markets. Wooden furniture is highly preferred for domestic purposes and especially in dining room interior, wooden furniture is very popular. Large wooden table has room for usually eight to ten chairs.

Dining Table for Four:

Normal sized dining tables designed for four chairs are very popular. For a small family of four, such a table is very suitable. Dining tables for four are usually manufactured in rectangular or square shape, but round tables can also be found.

Dining Table for Six:

Dining table for six is the most popular design, very often found as a rectangular shaped table with six dining chairs. One chair is placed at the head of the table and called host chair. Other chairs are placed at sides of the table. Conventionally, host chair possesses arms while other chairs don’t, but it’s not a rule – it is possible that all the chairs in the set may or may not possess arms.

Bar height Dining Table and Chairs:

A bar height dining table possesses the same height as a bar table does – a bar table is usually forty inches high. Due to exceptional height of the table, chairs for bar height table are also kept higher than casual chairs. Bar height chairs don’t consist of a back or arms, yet a foot-support is attached to the chairs.

Counter height Table and Chairs:

A counter height table is higher than casual tables but not higher than a bar height table. A counter height table is about 36 inches high – as it is normally height of a counter. Chairs made for a counter height table are called counter height chairs. Such a chairs consists of a back but arms are not very common in these chairs.