Modern butterfly dining table

Butterfly dining table is very convenient when there is a space constraint. After dinner the chairs can be folded and set aside. The table is made from solid oak wood which is sturdy to last a long time. Every time you want to have breakfast or lunch you can open the chairs and seat. This is also very useful for people who live in a studio apartment.

Give a new look to your home with butterfly table and four chairs

This table is made from quality wood like oak and is very comfortable to sit and have your dinner. The best part of this table is that it can be folded after dinner and the chairs can be folded and tucked under the table leaving the space tidy.

This provides a wonderful opportunity to students of universities who stay in studio apartments. You can have your meal comfortably at the table and then fold the chairs and put them in the spot under the table. The table can be used for other functions.

The Benefits of Butterfly Dining Tables

Butterfly dining   tables are also known as expandable tables are ideal for solving space problems. When you do not have the space for a traditional dining table then a butterfly table is an ideal solution. Whenever you have guest over for a special occasion this table can be extended using the extension and more people can be accommodated.

Butterfly tables have a section in the center that can be removed when it is not used for big gatherings. So the usual space occupied by this table is less. Some tables have an arrangement to store the extended part under the table while others store it in a closet.

How much Space do Butterfly Dining Tables Save?

The space that a butterfly dining table helps to save depends on the model and the brand. It is mostly around 18cm to 20cm of space that is saved, but when there is a space constraint this makes a lot of difference.

If you are thinking of getting a butterfly dining table check on different ones that can fulfil your immediate requirements.