Expecting more company than usual? keep a folding dining table on standby!

With the winters only a few months away, how many of you expect your homes to be filled with guests when the holiday season finally comes around? Probably many – or maybe all of us for that matter. And because there’s going to be more guests than usual, you might want to consider keeping a folding dining table on standby. Because this time around if Santa finally does come by, you might not have enough table left for him to dine at!

Besides, a folding dining table will always come in handy; whenever uninvited friends come knocking over at your house while you’re entertaining other guests.

And therefore, to help you out, we list a few choices that you should consider while choosing a folding dining table:


Traditionally used for playing cards and other board games, a card table is one of the cheapest and most durable choices for a folding dining table. They need little space for storage, and therefore can be found in most homes and college rooms, especially in the U.S. They come in handy while playing games like poker as well.


These are the most useful if you are fond of hosting buffets. Usually used for the same purpose by restaurants and caterers, a banquet table can also be used as a temporary desk. Generally larger in size than regular folding dining tables, they are good for laying outside the house in case the number of guests exceed the dimensions of the dining room.


One of the most popular folding tables, the picnic table definitely deserves a space in your house. Generally used in school cafeterias, these are great to keep as a standby, especially since they have built in seats that fold up along with the legs.

Some other major uses of folding dining tables include their use as personal desks, for playing board games and, of course, as ironing boards. They can not only serve as dining tables, but are also fit for various tasks, thus making them an invaluable possession to have.

So do you own a folding dining table?