Fantastic it must sound, when you hear dining table round!

There is something about a table with no pointy edges. It speaks to you, keeping in heart the safety of your children against sharp edges. You home is the place where you should feel the safest. With the crime and crazy happening in the outer world, your home and everything in it, should tell you that you and your family are absolutely safe in here!

Time to say no to pointy edges:

Do not take away from yourself, the pleasure of playing the run and chase game with your child around the dining area, because of one single scary thought of him banging into the sharp edges of your dining table. Immediately switch to a dining table round and let him win the run and chase game, while you win the safety game for him.

Why is this a big deal?

It is a bigger decision to choose what kind of dining table would be the best for your home and family than most people think. When someone comes to your house, the furniture speaks a lot to the guests. They would be judging you not only by your words but also by the words that your furniture speaks to them.

Leave an impression:

Let the people in, and let them admire the beautifully crafted round edge of your dining table. Let it imprint on them, that what they just saw would not be forgotten by their minds. Let your table flaunt itself, and let the jealousy begin!

But why ROUND?

You have a small family and so you decide to get a normal rectangular table, with about four chairs. Then, one fine day guests come over for dinner. But oh no, you do not have enough space to fit them in, as your table allows limited seating. Now change the scenario and imagine your guests appraising your table while it welcomes them by adding more members when required with the help of a few chairs, only adding intimacy to your welcoming gestures and not getting you in the “oh no” situations!

Go round now, what are you waiting for?