Get the 8 seater dining table for your family’s ultimate comfort

The first group of dining tables was long and rectangular and has its roots with the nobles and royals. This trend is still in use even now but with some modifications and modern touch. The 8 seater dining table which falls in this class of tables can seat eight persons at a time. Large family size in contemporary times will readily opt for this design for their homes.

The Average Dimension of 8 seater dining table

The average dimension of this dining table is 36 inches by 96 inches. That is, a rectangular dimension because most 8 seater dining table are designed in that fashion. Have in mind that in the contemporary modern designs, there are square designs as well. For that case, you should have something like 60 inches by 60 inches dimension. You can have a custom dimension depending on the size you’re looking at.

Solid wood 8 seater dining table

Most 8 seater dining room table are made out of solid wood which is usually from quality hardwood. You can have designs from mahogany, oak, and even walnut. Wood is durable and feels natural. When polished and maintained, it can last long for as long as you’ll want it to go. There are finishes of chestnut, white and brown for your selection in this design type.

Glass top 8 seater dining table

There modern use of glass for a dining table is classy and beautiful. They are in fact, a rare design in the market. The eight seater dining table can as well be made of glass tops with metal bases or all solid glass. These are designs that have strong luster and are sleek. You will find the designs a comfortable use in hosting guests and visitors.

The 8 seater dining table is however not suitable for every home size. It is more appreciated when you have enough space for your dining room. But if you insist having something of this capacity, you can still beat this by having extendable dining table which can extend to seat eight people.