Get your books properly stored by using a leaning bookcase

Bookcases are furniture meant to store our books and items such as photo album, greeting cards, and others. As the designs continue to wear new creativity, size, and pattern, we cannot but move along with the trend and enjoy everything they provide. One such creativity is the leaning bookcase furniture that will adorn our rooms.

They are bookcases that find their support by leaning on the wall. They are usually light weight and minimalistic designs with different shapes and styles that will add a beautiful look to your home. They are built to carry light and little volume of books and items, and this is relative to the size of the built.

Ladder style as a leaning bookcase

This is one of the popular styles in the lean group. It’s a ladder on two legs and the steps being much wider and directed towards the wall on which they lean. The common designs are of solid wood material. These are beautifully finished most often with either black or chestnut finish. The ladder steps can have a couple of steps from three upwards.

‘A’ shaped leaning bookcase

The letter ‘A’ design is another beautiful design among leaning bookcases. It is much similar in design to the ladder type, the only difference being the final shape of each. The ‘A’ shape has a narrow top that meets at a point and a wide base to give support while a ladder has uniform shape both at the top and bottom. Some ‘A’ designs have three leg stands which aid them not leaning on the wall directly but a sizeable number come with just two leg stands.

Other contemporary leaning bookcase designs

Many other contemporary designs are cute designs with large numbers of shelves in two to three stacks for much storage. Since they are minimal designs, some are hung or nailed to the walls for storage. Your lightweight items will be more suitable for this design. It is also seen that some ladder designs come with four leg-stands with curve tops that looks more like the children’s playing swing.