Give a new look to your living room with traditional living room furniture

Traditional living room furniture mostly consists of hand crafted furniture with beautiful carving. If you are looking for traditional furniture then there are a few pieces like ottomans, chairs,  sofas and recliners  where craftsman have spent hours  to give it  the perfection. This furniture is upholstered in leather or fabric which can enhance any spacious living room.

The Traditional Carved Living Room Sofa

This sofa is handcrafted by craftsmen in rose wood. It has beautiful carved flowers and wines all over the frame. The arms too are very intricately carved. It has solid wood feet that are carved and sturdy to support the four people that can seat comfortable in the sofa.

It is well padded with polyurethane foam which is very comfortable for sitting. It is upholstered in leather and fabric so you can have your choice of upholstery. So have the pleasure of setting up your living room with this sofa and two chairs and a matching center table and be the envy of your friends.

Inspiration for Open Concept Living Room

If you are thinking of setting up an open concept living room then you can have a sofa which can fit in the traditional style as well as in contemporary style. The sofa has a strong wooden frame of mahogany wood and slats to rest the cushion. It is well padded with comfort foam and upholstered in faux leather the arms too are well padded.

This can be paired with two sofa chairs and a center table for entertaining when your friends visit you for a chat.

Create a Compact Sitting Room

If there is space problem then you can have a compact sitting room with beautifully carved sofa and chairs with a matching center table. This will provide a nice atmosphere if placed facing the window which opens out to lush green landscape.

If the sun falls on the window during part of the day then you can shut the window and  pull the curtains to present the sunlight from spoiling the sofa  finish.

If you are interested in in traditional living room furniture check on the ones mentioned above and buy in the stores close by or online.