kids novelty beds design ideas

The creativity in children’s bed has no bound. This is clearly seen in these unusual designs in the novelty patterns. Kid’s novelty beds are an artistic craft of a rare perfection. They are designs that copy real objects around us. The predominant designs are different varieties of the vehicle brands either sport, buses, Lorries or even tractors. This is what you would call a fun bed. Children cannot be less happier sleeping on this mode of bed. I’m sure they would love it. There are different styles of the beds in the vehicle category which would dazzle you.

Fire engine single and bunk bed

This is a common kids novelty beds design. It’s usually a red colored fire engine as a kids bed. They can come as a single bed or as a bunk. It’s a lovely and thrilling design your kids would definitely love sleeping on.

Fire engine trundle bed

Another variant of the fire engine bed, there is a bed beneath to pull out for another kid to sleep on.

A truck bed

Imagine having a truck for a bed. This is what kids enjoy, varieties. The open back of the truck serves as the sleeping space to dazzle the kids.

Racing car bed

Either red or blue color, they are both lovely designs that kids would love. The convertible racing car with the open top can serve a sleeping place for kids.

Single helicopter bed

A helicopter design for a sleeping bed is another fantasy kids can’t but be wowed! This design is with minimal blade outlook that can sleep a kid comfortably. This is definitely an unusual design in kids novelty beds.

London bus bunk bed

This is a London model public transport bus with a top and bottom passenger seat positions for a bunk bed. The bus itself is bunk design pattern.

There a yet lots and lots of the novelty variants for your kids to choose from. The greens have some designs in dinosaurs and the forests. These are adventurous tone designs with green coloration to adorn there looks.