How many people will fit in 72 round dining table comfortably?

If we analyse the space available in the 72 Round Dining Table and then compare it with the minimum space available for each seat in a round table, we can analyse the maximum number of seats it will furnish. For 72 inch diameter the edge length or circumference can be calculated mathematically.

Total Circumference

The total circumference will be around 230 inch for 72 Round Dining Table. This circumference when compared with the minimum edge length required for each individual in a round table will give the total number of members that will be appropriate in one seating.

Space for Each Individual in a Dining Table

It has been found that each individual requires a minimum of 24 inch edge length for convenience. Further it is required to provide at least 2 inches of extra elbow room on each sides. Thus the total edge length required by each guest will be around 28 inches. For rectangular shapes extra space is to be considered for the individuals on the head and foot of the table. However, no extra space is required in case of round shape.

Number of Individual applicable

Now, 230 inch of circumference is shared among the individual each with 28 inch length mandatory. Finally we found that around 8 members can be fitted comfortably on each 72 Round Dining Table. These 8 members are arranged in star-shaped pattern at equal interval. In same way if the size is 36 inch it will accommodate only 4 members thus 72 inch size is always preferred over it.

The table will not only accommodate 8 members but will provide enough open space among the individuals. Unlike any other shapes, round tables provide largest surface area that offers enough space in dish manoeuvring. One of the major benefits of this kind of table is that there is no head or food of the table. All are equally treated and all are provided with equal space. Further one can easily communicate with any other individual maintaining proper eye-contact. One can even squeeze few extra people between them unless it doesn’t seem overcrowded.