How to beautify a large living room

Living room design

A living room can be large or small but this should not worry you on how to design to make it elegant and stylish. For a large living room decorating the room can be a challenge to most people however one can take an oversized living room by making it seem smaller than it is. One can create a room within a room in a large living room by making a central zone in an expansive room this is quite a good idea especially if the room been decorated is open plan with living space and reception rooms.

Tips for styling a large living room 

Divide the space and designate zone, using semi permanent ways one can divide the room. This is through rugs, curtain, wallpaper and even furniture helps create visually cozy space in the room. Creating functional areas is also a choice whereby you can divide areas like dining areas, conversation zone, game table and others.

Use of creative lights, lighting can make a different in how the room feels. In a larger room more windows are the best during the day while during the night two or three lamps with same shade would bring light all around the room.

Color selection

Different colors and bold is the most appropriate, if you tend to put art work and accessories in a big room always opt for a larger size as they make bold punch in a room. Color and pattern are mostly used to break up big expanse of wall and set the mood with color. Some color can energize or relax the space depending on how extreme they are.

Use different furniture in your living room, some chairs and table has different design which makes a larger room become small when one uses them. L-shape furniture are suited to accommodate a great big sofa that brings comfort and elegancy in the living room.

Finish wall and ceiling, the walls can bring a warmth and texture to the room and brings a look of antiquity hence it necessary to choose wall covering that reflect your styled.