ways of decorating a living room ideas

A living is also known as the sitting room, lounge room for residential houses mainly for comfort. These rooms are mostly found at the front of the house near the main entrance of the house. The living room is where you host your visitors and entertain them through watching movie, chatting, playing board games and others. It should be spacious enough to accommodate all your visitors and feel comfortable. Decoration in a living room is very vital as it include varieties of artwork on the wall, different colors to bring the theme in the house. Some living rooms have open floor plans which include dining area and kitchen.

What your living room should have

There several things which should be included in a living room to make it more decorative.

A nice rug

Rug with a soft texture feels cozy under your feet this makes your living room inviting to your visitors and the family members. A rug will also enhance the neatness of the room if well maintain in the room.

Feel Homey

A living room should include something personal to feel homey. Things like family photo, pictures of what you or your family member love the most makes the room look interesting. Without such thing a room would look cold and dull.

Coffee table

This is a secondary element in any living room as it takes priority. It’s a major feature that that is detailed to bring all the other pieces together and makes the room feel complete. A tray also can be very amazing addition in your living room as you can group essential like TV remote, magazines, novels differentiate


This can make a living room eye catching to anyone in the room. Introducing neat colors and bold patterns in the space makes it appear admirable. One should make sure that curtain add decoration in your house by picking the best color of your preference.  Pillows in the couch are others essentials which should be included to add extra support in your sofa or couch. one can also add color theme in the living room by matching the pillows and the curtain.