How to style bookcase units?

Several purposes can be served by a single bookcase as it is a versatile piece of furniture to display your collection of books in, figurines, dolls and so on. The bookcase can also be used to place your family photo, to showcase your collection of art. It can also serve as a room divider, provided the dimension as well as the size of the bookcase is workable. It is important to style the bookcase. Several homeowners usually throw a bunch of books into the shelves quite randomly thereby making it look quite unkempt as well as messy. Following are few quick ways in which you can style your bookcase to make it appear good while serving several purposes:

Don’t Use Every Shelf for Books

Irrespective of its name, the “bookshelf” is used to house several objects in addition to books. Try to mix things up a little so as to give the bookcase some life and personality. The bookcase units can be used by you for a specific purpose, or you can mix up each shelf by using varying artifacts. For instance, you can place books on one half of the shelf whiling placing vases on the other half of the shelf. In another shelf, you can place few picture frames on one half, while having some flower arrangements on the other half.

Keep Consistent With a Colour Scheme

If you have the habit of arranging your books based on alphabetical order, then you can try use color coordination for the same purpose, just for a change. You can organize the various categories of the books by color. You can create some kind of pop in your bookcase if you color code the bookcase units. You can bring in the color of your room to bring in a coordination of color in the shelving unit.

Take the Minimalist Approach

Homeowners usually want to showcase their prized possessions for everyone to see. However, by over-stocking your bookcase units with sculptures, photos, books and art you end up overwhelming the bookcase, and make it appear quite cluttered. Therefore, it is good if you select the essential things that you would like to display. All you require is a bit of creativity to make your bookcase stand out from the rest.