Ideas on living room lighting

For every home it is important to have the right kind of lighting. Lighting not only helps you to see the room but also helps set the mood of your living room. According to the experts proper lighting can be used to emphasize the unique designs of architecture in a room. Here are some living room lighting ideas to brighten up the look of your living room.

Illuminate the room with layers of light

To add bouncing illumination to your living room you must create lights layers throughout the room so that the shadows in the corners of the room can be eliminated. To provide a visual interest and complete lighting you can use a chandelier in the room.

Also twin sconces can be used to provide soft accent lighting in your living room. The area around the fireplace and the mirror look defined with the light from the twin sconces. To provide the seating area with task lighting it is a great idea to use a scrolling floor lamp.


To bring in the daylight in your living room you can use skylights, especially the tubular skylights if you want to light up an area that has a lack of ceiling space.

Using fan lights

Another living room lighting idea is to make use of the fan lights which are the lights attached to the ceiling fans in the room. There are different types of fan lights such as the ones with multiple lamps with more than 3 arms extending from the fan’s bottom. For track lighting you can make use of the fan lights that are contemporary in style.

The fan lights are perfect to provide unique lighting to your home. Don’t forget to use special bulbs that are resistant to the vibration of the fan if you want to use fan lights.

Using Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are the most inexpensive living room lighting idea for your home. The paper lanterns provide an even and soft light that is Omni-directional and looks effective as well as pleasant. The paper lanterns can be hung from the ceiling of your room either in groups or individually.