Kids captain bed design ideas

If you are thinking to buy transitioning kid a new bed which has plenty of storage space available in it, a kids captains bed is the kids storage bed for you. It is just like a traditional bed which has built in storage unit placed underneath the mattress. Unlike bunk bed, this kids storage bed is perfect for your growing child as it close to the ground and gives proper assurance that he/she won’t fall of the bed in the night. Here are the few features of this kids storage bed which might help you to decide whether to buy this bed or not:


The storage units/ drawers beneath the bed can be used to store various things of kids such as small toys, clothes or even books. They can also be used to store the extra, not so frequently used stuff in your home. Also some of the beds offer large drawers. These drawers can be used to store large toys such as stuffed animals, hot wheels tracks, mini trains etc. They can also be used to put away the unwanted blankets.


These beds even feature a headboard. This headboard can be used to keep some picture story books for your kids. They can also be used to keep a reading light. You can place some toys there without which they can’t sleep. You can also put some picture frames containing pictures of their friends and families to help them feel cosy after a nightmare.

Captain beds:

Some of the Captain beds also feature a Trundle bed which slides neatly under the main bed. This bed comes handy during summer holidays when your kids friends come over for a sleepover. They are easy to use as they slide out under the main bed and take less than 5 minutes to set up.

There are many varieties available in kids captain beds. They come in different styles and colors. They offer an overall package and are safe for your kids. So if you are thinking a kids storage bed, kids captain bed is the bed you are looking for.