Kids trundle beds: a perfect bed for houses with limited space

Trundle Bed

If you are looking to buy a multifunctional storage bed for your kid, a kids trundle beds is the one you are looking for. A kids trundle beds is one of the greatest invention in the modern day furniture. They have the ability to save space in your home and allow two kids to sleep at the same time.

Types of Trundle Beds:

Basically a kids trundle beds is made of two different beds grouped into a single bed. The two beds are placed on each other such that the bottom bed can be rolled out whenever needed. There are two types of trundle bed which are classified depending on the type of pulling out mechanism.

  1. Pull out Trundle Bed: In this type of bed, the second bed is stored beneath the first and can be pulled out whenever needed. The second bed lies below the first one. This type of bed is popular now-a-days as it is easy to pull out the second bed.
  2. Pop Out trundle Bed: This is a hybrid model of the Pull out Trundle Bed. In this type, the second bed is in level with the primary bed and helps your kids build a master bed.

Let us look at some of the features of this bed:


  • Kids trundle beds help save a lot of space as the second bed can be rolled out when needed. This gives your children enough space to play in their room during daytime.
  • They are easy to pull out as they are fitted with pulley system.
  • Some of these beds come with built-in drawers which can be used to store your children’s clothes or toys.
  • Some of them also come with headboards which can be used as bookshelves. Your children can conveniently put frequently used things such as study books, bags and alarm clock.
  • The best part of these beds is that they come in various designs which represent a theme. You can also ask the manufacturer to make one which suits your kid’s room.

All in all a kids’ trundle bed is a perfect solution to have fun and save a lot of space at the same time.