Living room nyc for all your music delight

There are many ways for one to enjoy themselves. Some prefer going to clubs and dancing to music, others prefer to stay at home and watch a movie while others want both. They want music, but with a relaxing vibe to it as well. There aren’t many places that offer a combination of this two like living room NYC. At this venue you get a chance to sit back and relax while you enjoy some live music from the performers. There really isn’t a place like this one.

History of the Venue

This music venue was previously opened in New York City, but was later moved to Brooklyn after it got a revamp. It was previously a small area with a stage and sits, chairs and tables. As the place grew in terms of customer base, the old venue started looking cluttered thus the move to Brooklyn. Artists would come to the venue to perform live acoustic performances with Norah Jones being one of the more prominent names to have shared her talent at the venue. The venue is loved by artists as its famed for being an incubator of talent. The music is operated 7 times a week and anyone with a need for some great music is invited to enjoy what they have to offer.

Live Music and Relaxation

There are people that enjoy live music and relaxation as well. The living room NYC gives you a chance at that. They have a comfortable lounge that its guests can get to enjoy with the live music. The music is from relatively unknown artists that have talent and are good to listen to. Norah jones is one of the artists that got a chance to showcase their skills at this venue before becoming a star.

A Great Place for Acoustic Performances

Living Room NYC is a prominent venue for the lovers of acoustic performances. They offer a comfortable lounge for guests to relax and enjoy. There are drink options for those that’ll love a drink with the performance. All in all, it’s a great place to be for music fans.