Make your small living room appear bigger

It can look cluttered and cramped if you are living in a small living room. But by using a little creativity and decorating your living room in style you can make the most of your small living room. All you need is a few simple changes done to the room to make it look appear larger.

Thorough cleaning

Clean your room thoroughly prior to begin making changes in your small living room’s interior design. Organize every bit of the room and eliminate the things which you no longer use. Toss out the old magazines and news papers as the small spaces can mix with rats. If you find any things that have not been used for more than three months then, they are good to be thrown out of the house. Cleaning up your room and getting rid of the clutter can make it ready and easy for a makeover of its design.


Evaluate the storage systems in your small living room as the next step. You must use every inch of your small living room for storage and hence you can purchase good new storage pieces. When buying furniture for your small living space look for those that have capacities for storage like the ottomans and benches with space underneath for storage. If you are looking for small entertainment centre piece find one with a lot of space to store books, cds, etc.

Avoid oversized furniture

When decorating your small living room it is very important to avoid placing large and oversized furniture pieces in your room. Bulky sofas and huge recliners will make your room look even smaller as they use up all the available space in your room. The best solution is to opt for slimmer looking sofas and armless chairs that occupy only a little space in your living room. Also make sure to keep then floor space open by using less furniture. Doing this you can instantly make your small room look larger. You can also decorate small spaces with mirrors which can make your room look larger and also reflect light.