Modern furniture oak living room furniture


With the beginning of 21st century, where other discipline and business of the world has been digitized and re-formed, furniture industry also couldn’t help without renovating itself. Lots of new different types of new products have been introduced to the markets regarding material, design, size, age-factor and functionality. Modern bunk beds, daybeds, oak living room furniture, pine furniture, trundles, loft beds, futons, recliners and so on are the finest examples of modern furniture regarding functionality, material and other different criteria.

In this article, the topic of discussion is, “oak living room furniture” and we will try to cover the information about oak wood and benefits of oak manufactured furniture.

Common furniture Manufacturing Materials:

Furniture is commonly manufactured with metals and woods. Wood is further categorized as softwood and hardwood.


Softwood is a less dense and soft material and is not as much durable as hardwood, but 80% of the timber needs are fulfilled by softwood trees. Softwood comes from the trees which remain evergreen round the year. Pine, cedar and spruce are the examples of softwood trees.


Pine is a softwood and pine manufactured furniture is very famous in the markets due to its special cones. Pine wood contains cones which not only increases its attraction but also strengthens the furniture. While manufacturing the pine furniture, it is kept in sight that more cones are covered in furniture product, but too many cones may affect the strength too.

Though softwood furniture is not as much durable as hardwood, but pine furniture is guaranteed up to five years.


Hardwood comes from the trees which leaves fall once a year. Hardwood is very strong so the furniture manufactured with it is really durable and expensive too. One of the finest example of hardwood is oak.

Oak Furniture:

Oka is one of the most abundant hardwoods found in America. There are two different varieties in it – red oak and white oak. Though both of the red and white oak types share a similar grain, white oak is more durable than red oak.