Modern living room design; the heart of design in home

Why should you design the living room?

If there is any room to decorate in the home than it is certainly the living room where you can put all your design ideas and it worth it. If you are a design enthusiast and want to express your feelings through modern design theme than putting your design in living room would pay you the reward; keep in mind that one can decorate other rooms as well like kitchen, dining room or kids’ room etc but one wouldn’t be able to talk through their design in these, so a modern living room design is what you can use to express your enthusiasm of design.

Putting design ideas

When it comes the time of putting your design dreams into reality it is one of the challenging task to accomplish because there are not dozen of things rather sometimes there would be hundreds of things to consider to give the room an elegant and outstanding façade depicting the professionalism in design and décor. For instance when we start counting form the floor to the ceiling there are countless themes to apply and things to put; like form the selection of color for wall to the design of sofas and fire place everything needs to be considered.

Color selection

Modern design never means putting unnecessary colors and mixing them without any consideration. Stick to the primary colors like silver, white, black or gray colors and keep in mind that it should give a coherent and balanced design after putting all other necessary furniture and textures.

For instance you can design a living room by simply finishing it in white or creamy color with a concrete floor having same finish and having a wall mounted TV and fireplace below it. You can put couches of cream color and put a glass table in center with low-lying table top which will reflect the rays coming from the wide window. You can put a painting on the wall and give a faint lighting. These combinations will give the living room a sophisticated air.

Finally don’t rush behind myriad of options; put an assembly giving a meaningful and attractive look rather than putting heaps of things without any rhythm.