No space in the dining room? here are some extendable dining tables just for small spaces!

Creating a dining area that is efficient as well as cosy can be a difficult task to do, especially if the space you have available is small or unusually designed. But what better than an extendable dining table to create space, where there is a lack of it?

Picking the right extendable dining table depends on various aspects, like the design and mechanism of the table, the material, the shape, and the number of chairs you want to fit around it. All these factors should be viewed according to the style of your dining room. Here are a few suggestions to help you chose your perfect table, though:


Extendable dining tables that are contemporary in style are usually bold legged with a broad table top to create a smooth visual appeal. The black and white combo generally looks the best amongst all other contemporary styles, since it contrasts well with bold colours and prints. For a modern look, steel and glass are the perfect blend.


Vintage attracts a lot of people, and if that is the case with you, a 19th century pedestal extendable dining table might be the perfect choice. It maximizes legroom while making conversation easy and in range for all guests. It can easily seat around six people as well.


A blend of modern and solid wood creates a rather pleasant ‘natural’ effect that is both enticing and comfortable in its essence. The walnut beech wood framed extendable dining table with a glass top and its soft tones for creating such an ambiance. When extended, it can easily add two seats.


Last but not the least, are the old rectangular tables with their extension, which can easily be extracted by sliding the top from opposite ends. If nothing else works for you, this is the ultimate solution for your dining rooms. Simple by look, but spectacular in nature.

So, have you decided on an extendable dining table for your perfect little dining room yet?