Steps to change your living room decor within your budget

Living room is the place which people first see in your home. It is the room where you usually entertain your guests and hence it is important to create a comfortable environment in your living room in a way that your family members and guests will like. When looking around your living room you may find that you need to update a number of things but a complete renovation is not possible to do as your budget won’t allow. With the help of a few simple ideas you can easily change your living room decor within your budget limits.

Follow the few ideas given below to provide an entirely new look to your living room without spending more money on remodelling your living room.

Adding pillows and slipcovers

Using ready-made slipcovers you can change the colour of your chairs and sofa which will change the look of your living room. Choose from the different colours and styles of slipcovers available in the market that suits your living room decor.

You can also add some colourful pillows on your chairs and sofa. These are cheaper than the slipcovers and will provide a fresh look to your living room.

Ideas to decorate walls

You can use mirrors and modern artwork to hang on the walls of your living room that faces the furniture. They beautify your room and your friends will admire them. Also wall hangings made of cloth are popular which you can hang above your chairs or couch. This will greatly change the beauty of your living room.

Using area rugs as alternates to carpets

If your living room is large with more than one seating area and you don’t want to use wall to wall carpeting then using area rugs is a great choice as they will make your sitting area look more defined. Also the area rugs add colour to your living room decor and go well with the hardwood floors as well as tiles. The area rugs also help cover up the stains if you have kids at home.