Tips to choose the perfect dining table and 6 chairs


The main focal point in your home is the dining room where your family members meet everyday when having a meal. This area must look good as this is the perfect place where you and your family members or friends interact when simply sitting down or chat during dinner and also have wine. Hence it is a great choice to place a dining table and 6 chairs to make the room look elegant and classy.

There are different types of dining tables and 6 chairs available in the market and you must consider what type of tables and chairs you like to create the perfect look for your dining room. You can choose dining table and chairs set to create any type of look like the classic French look or the typical English look with a oak dining table or even the modern, chic look with glass top dining table, etc.

Things that compliment the perfect dining table and chairs

You can place silver candlesticks on a glass top dining table that can give your dining room look beautiful and refined and further enhance it by adding an elegant fruit bowl made of glass in the centre of the table. Additionally you can use silver table napkin holder as well as table mats to display on the dining table. To clean the mess of food spills you can use a tablecloth on the dining table as well.

You must make sure that you buy the right size of dining table and 6 chairs that will perfectly fit into your room. The distance from the table and the walls or other objects should be at least 50 inches away so that it provides enough space for people to sit down comfortably. Also make sure that you don’t buy a huge table even if you have a huge dining room in your home.

Optimum size of the dining table and 6 chairs

The first important thing to consider is the size of your room as you can choose the dining table based on the room size and the available space. For most families a dining table with 6 chairs is usually more sufficient and if you have more guests turning up unexpectedly you can add more chairs if required.