Types of kids single beds for your growing child

As kids grow old, to support their growing body, it becomes necessary to shift them from their old small beds to medium sized kids single bed. Now, buying such a bed can be tedious task as there are numerous options to choose from. Among the various choices, here are the 3 popular kids single beds for growing children.

Loft Beds:

Loft beds are the coolest among kids single bed as the bed is on the top bunk and the space beneath it can be used by the kids for various purposes. It is a great choice as kids love sleeping on the top, giving them a sense of adventure. The open space in the bottom can be used for various purposes ranging from playing with toys to studying.  These beds can be dangerous as there is a possibility of your child falling down from the top bunk. So make sure that your child will be safe while sleeping on the top before buying them.

Novelty Beds:

Novelty beds are special theme based beds and the entire assembly or framework of the room revolves around the same theme as that of this single bed for kids. Novelty beds help in designing and moulding a kid’s imagination and help them imagine. This makes their bedroom the favourite place in the house. Novelty Beds are available in many themes ranging from their famous Disney character, realistic themes such as that of a space ship, bottom of an ocean, aeroplane etc. to that of  bright and vivid colors.

Platform Beds:

Platform beds are just like normal beds with added storage unit underneath the mattress. They are close to the ground and give a neat and tidy appearance to the room. The extra drawers at the bottom can be used perfectly to store their clothes, toys or clothes depending on the need. These beds are perfect for small rooms as the storage unit covers up for the storage space provided by a wardrobe.

No matter which type of bed you buy, make sure that it is safe for your growing child and no harmful injury is caused because of it.