What you need to know about the dining table before you can buy one?

It is for sure that if you have a home to live then you must have The Dining Table to eat. Every single family needs it but when it comes to buy one, it becomes very difficult to choose. In this confusion people buy something else that makes them regret later. For this it is necessary to understand what one’s need is and what one can afford.

Understand your Need

The Dining Table that you are going to purchase must satisfy most of your needs if not all. If you are a nuclear family with no regular guests you can purchase a 4-seater but if your dining room is spacious you can prefer even 6-seater or 8-seater. If you don’t have much space and if you want it to be used in living room as well then you can buy foldable dining table.

Understand what you can afford

Sometime we wish to have something else than what we get. It is because our wished and needs are limited by what we can afford. For an example you cannot afford 12-seater table if you don’t have enough space in your dining room or you cannot afford financially. So before you can wish for it you need to check your room and your bank account once. However The Dining Table is not that expensive but still adds a reflection of your family dignity. For an instance, the standard dimension of a 8-seater (in Inches) is

Rectangular:       36´78 (Length ´ Breadth)

Round:                 60-70 (Diameter)

Thus, your dining room much have enough space to afford the dining table plus chairs and extra transiting space.

Taking Decision

Now, once you have understood these two components you can now decide the shape, size and type of the table. Beside this you need to keep in mind following few points:

  • Round shapes exhibit larger surface area than any other polygonal shapes for same perimeter
  • Foldable dining table are portable and efficient in using space
  • Solid tables have better flexural strength. Hard materials are resistant to scratch.